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How Delta 8 Changed the Cannabis Landscape

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Delta 8, a relatively unknown cannabinoid, has quickly become a game-changer in the cannabis industry. It has reshaped the way people perceive hemp and provided a new way for people to legally experience a high. However, there are both positive and negative sides to this new phenomenon.

How did Delta 8 Become Popular?

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Delta 8’s popularity can be attributed to its introduction during the pandemic in 2020. CBD companies began offering this new product, and people in states where cannabis is not legal could legally get high. Before Delta 8, people in such states could only experience the benefits of CBD. Delta 8 was the answer to the consumer demand for something more.

Delta-8 THC Started with Hemp-Derived CBD

Delta 8 originated from a less-known cannabinoid that was compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, which made it legal. This cannabinoid was not considered marijuana, but it could still get you high, with effects between those of marijuana and CBD. Summitt Labs (Hemplitude) was one of the few companies that were quick to embrace Delta 8 as a product.

Difference Between CBD and Delta-8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is psychoactive, meaning that it can give you a head change. It binds CB1 receptors and has a high probability of showing up on a drug test. Delta 8 THC has low or undetectable amounts of CBD and provides a euphoric head change. On the other hand, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning that it doesn’t get you high. It lightly binds CB1 receptors and has a high probability of not showing up on a drug test. CBD has low or undetectable amounts of THC, and everyone reacts differently to it.

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One of the similarities between Delta 8 THC and CBD is that they are both Hemp-derived, meaning that they come from the Hemp plant. Additionally, they have less than 0.03% of Delta 9 THC, which classifies them as Hemp and not Marijuana. Delta 8 THC can get you high, but it’s a different type of high when compared to Marijuana due to its chemical structure. Other similarities include the products that are available and the type of strains.

Buying Delta 8 Legal in Most States

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Delta 8 enjoyed a long period of being unchecked, and as a result, it was technically legal in states where marijuana was considered illegal because it came from hemp. Its popularity soared as a result, and its demand skyrocketed.

Delta-8 THC Legality by State (February 2023)

Delta-8 THC, which can be synthetically produced from CBD or occur in trace amounts naturally in the cannabis plant, has gained popularity and is the best-known novel cannabinoid. However, its legality is a point of debate as it can cause intoxicating effects.

View the list below to get a full understanding of legality in all 50 states…

  • Alabama – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Alaska – Illegal (02/21/2023)
  • Arizona – Illegal (02/21/2023)
  • Arkansas – Illegal (02/21/2023)
  • California – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Colorado – Illegal (02/21/2023)
  • Connecticut – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Delaware – Illegal (02/21/2023)
  • Florida – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Georgia – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Hawaii – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Idaho – Illegal (02/21/2023)
  • Illinois – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Indiana – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Iowa – Illegal (02/21/2023)
  • Kansas – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Kentucky – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Louisiana – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Maine – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Maryland – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Massachusetts – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Michigan – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Minnesota – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Mississippi – Illegal (02/21/2023)
  • Missouri – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Montana – Illegal (02/21/2023)
  • Nebraska – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Nevada – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • New Hampshire – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • New Jersey – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • New Mexico – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • New York – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • North Carolina – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • North Dakota – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Ohio – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Oklahoma – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Oregon – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Pennsylvania – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Rhode Island – Illegal (02/21/2023)
  • South Carolina – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • South Dakota – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Tennessee – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Texas – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Utah – Illegal (02/21/2023)
  • Vermont – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Virginia – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Washington – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • West Virginia – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Wisconsin – Legal (02/21/2023)
  • Wyoming – Legal (02/21/2023)

Delta 8 is Cheaper than Traditional Marijuana

One of the reasons for Delta 8’s popularity is that it is less expensive than marijuana. Consumers in states where cannabis is legal end up paying more in taxes, which is passed on to the consumer. Delta 8 provides a cheaper alternative to marijuana while still offering the same high, strains, and flavors.

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Delta-8 THC is Unregulated, Beware.

Despite its benefits, there are concerns about Delta 8. Lawmakers and local authorities are looking to ban it, and fake products have made their way into the market, promising cheaper highs. However, these lower-priced products come at a significant cost to the consumer, including health and safety risks.

3rd Party Testing of Delta 8

What’s a 3rd party lab test, you ask? It’s a test conducted by an independent laboratory that evaluates the quality and safety of a product. Most Delta 8 products have a QR code that you can scan to see the lab test results. The two most common tests are Cannabinoid Analysis, which checks the amount of Marijuana in the product, and Full Panel test, which looks for harmful chemicals like pesticides and heavy metals.

Why are lab tests so important? For one, they ensure that you’re not getting a “dirty cart,” a distillate cartridge that contains more than the legal amount of Delta 9 THC or harmful chemicals. Dirty carts are cheaper to make and often have less THC and more flavored terpenes. Some even contain Vitamin E Acetate to make them appear like regular cartridges.

Potential Benefits of Delta-8 THC

Delta 8 offers a less potent high than regular Marijuana. While we’ve discovered better ways to extract THC from cannabis plants, resulting in more potent THC products, not everyone enjoys getting stoned out of their minds. Delta 8 products offer a milder high that’s closer to what Marijuana was like ten years ago.

Fewer Side Effects from Delta 8

Furthermore, Delta 8 tends to have fewer side effects than regular Marijuana. Some people may experience anxiety, confusion, or paranoia when they consume too much THC. Delta 8’s less potent nature reduces the likelihood of these side effects. However, as with any substance, individual tolerance levels can affect your experience.

Delta-8 THC Created Something New

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Delta 8 changed the Cannabis game, offering a legal and accessible alternative to Marijuana during the pandemic. However, with its rising popularity came knockoffs that can put your health and safety at risk. That’s why it’s crucial to get your Delta 8 products from a reliable source that offers 3rd party lab tests.

At Hemplitude we take pride in our Delta 8 products and the quality of our ingredients. All our products undergo 3rd party lab tests, and we’re transparent about the results. With our Delta 8, you can enjoy a safe and milder high that’s closer to the good ol’ days of Marijuana.

Ready to try our Delta 8 products? Check out our website to see our selection and lab test results. Remember, safety first!

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BY Summitt Labs
on February 21, 2023
Summitt Labs is a Tampa, Florida-based collaboration of like-minded innovators for botanical research. Known for its top-grossing brands such as Kore Original, Hemplitude, and Happy Time High. Today, harnessing the passion for curating a unique solution for all communities.

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