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About Our Movement

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Our Vision
& Purpose

Hemplitude was started as a way to show people all the wonderful things the hemp plant has to offer. We began with Full Spectrum CBD products utilizing the entire plant to provide whole body wellness. When that was a success, we wondered “What else can this plant do?” There are over 100 cannabinoids within the hemp plant just waiting to be implemented. We then added on Delta 8, HHC, THC-X, and even THC-P products to our line. Our mission is to discover all the benefits the hemp plant has to offer and provide it to you in convenient, safe, and high quality products. We invite you to Heighten Your Mind and Body with Hemplitude.


A Brand You Can Trust

Let’s face it, there are a lot of hemp brands out there. But unfortunately with most, there’s little transparency, so you have no idea what you’re getting when it comes to actual potency and quality. Here at Hemplitude, we wanted to change that. All of our products are proudly made in the United States. We source our hemp plants from superior U.S. farms that grow their plants in conditions that yield the best quality hemp. We then handcraft our products in our very own CGMP compliant lab (pharmaceutical grade) in Tampa, Florida.

The Most Potent In-House Blend

Our Hemplitude team consists of experts in multiple industries, educational fields, and areas of expertise all with the goal of providing the best hemp products possible. Our hemp experts have put their heads together to create the most potent in-house blends on the market. If it were any more potent, it would be illegal! After heavily researching and testing different blends, we’ve released multiple lines of products we take deep pride in. Utilizing the newest technology and cutting edge science, we’ve taken what nature has provided and conquered it. Curiosity is our middle name and staying ahead of the game is our goal.

Creating A Movement With Quality

To make sure we adhere to federal guidelines and follow practices set by the U.S. Hemp Authority™, we quadruple test all products to ensure maximum potency. Because of our strict quality control and rigorous scientific-backed testing, we are 100% confident that our products contain the listed amount of hemp extract, not to exceeding 0.3% THC content. So now that you know about the quality of Hemplitude products, here’s where we really start to have fun with our brand. 

Setting new standards for the industry starts here

Summitt Labs has been a manufacturer in the hemp industry since the creation of the Farm Bill in 2018. They have since gained notable trust and reputation in the hemp and cannabis community. Hemplitude was one of their first brands and has since grown to become a huge success with a large line of enticing products. From CBD and Delta 8 to THC-X and HHC, Summitt Labs has it all. Knowing you’re getting safe and high-quality products is essential and Summitt Labs is here to give you that. They believe in full transparency, which is why all products are tested multiple times for potency, safety, and compliance.