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Florida Senate Bill 1698: 2024 Hemp Derived THC Ban

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In a significant development, the Florida legislature has recently passed a pivotal bill aimed at regulating hemp-derived products. This measure, SB 1698, marks a milestone in the state’s legislative landscape. Unlike previous attempts, this bill gained momentum, securing a decisive victory in the House with a 64-48 split, while garnering unanimous support in the Senate. Pending Governor DeSantis’s signature, it is slated to come into effect on October 1, 2024.

SB 1698 WILL BAN HEMP AND THC IN FLORIDA! Help Hemplitude and other industry leaders tell Governor Ron Desantis that this bill does not repersent our needs in Florida. Use the link below for more details on how you can reach out.

Contact Governor Desantis Today →

SB 1698: Hidden Intentions Explained

The Senate and House in Florida have already passed this bill, our last chace is to reach out to DeSantis.

SB 1698 represents a comprehensive overhaul of existing regulations pertaining to hemp. Notably, the bill refines the definition of “hemp” to explicitly exclude both synthetically and naturally occurring variants of substances like delta-8 THC. Consequently, any products containing these substances will be deemed illegal under Florida law. A significant compromise has been reached, introducing provisions that cap delta-9 THC content at five milligrams per serving and 50 milligrams per container.

Beyond these pivotal changes, SB 1698 extends its reach to address concerns surrounding products’ appeal to children. The bill broadens the scope of what constitutes “attractive to children,” expanding the range of hemp products subject to prohibition. It imposes restrictions on event organizers, prohibiting them from promoting, advertising, or facilitating events where non-compliant hemp extract products are sold or marketed. This measure aims to ensure that businesses adhere to proper permitting procedures when marketing hemp extract products at such events.

Hemplitude THC: An All Out Ban

One significant consequence of SB 1698 is the potential impact on consumers’ access to products offered by companies like Hemplitude. Under these regulations, many of the products that individuals rely on for their health and wellness needs may no longer be available. With restrictions on delta-8 THC and stringent THC caps, consumers may find themselves unable to purchase the products they have come to depend on for relief from various ailments.

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For Hemplitude and similar businesses, navigating these new regulations poses significant challenges. The need to reformulate products to comply with THC limits and navigate restrictions on marketing and event sales adds layers of complexity to their operations. Additionally, the potential loss of revenue from banned products could have detrimental effects on the viability of these businesses, impacting not only their bottom line but also their ability to continue providing valuable products to consumers.

Let’s Fight Back: Contact Florida Goverment

Time is running out we need to act now. To get in touch with Governor Desantis directly, click here.

In a plea to our readers, we implore you to take action against the impending finalization of SB 1698. While the bill may seem like a step towards regulation, its ramifications could have far-reaching consequences, particularly for individuals who rely on hemp-derived products for various health and wellness needs.

It’s crucial to recognize that SB 1698, in its current form, threatens to restrict access to vital hemp-derived substances that many individuals rely on for relief from various ailments. By capping THC content the bill could inadvertently hinder access to effective treatments and limit consumer choice.

We urge you to reach out to your local government representatives and Governor DeSantis to voice your concerns about SB 1698. Let them know that this bill, in its current state, may not adequately address the needs of Floridians who rely on hemp-derived products for their well-being.

Impact Assessment: Consequences of SB 1698

SB 1698 introduces stringent regulations, including THC caps on hemp-derived products sold in smoke shops across the state. Notably, delta-8 products, widely popular since their introduction in 2019, face a blanket ban under this legislation.

Despite bipartisan support for the bill, concerns linger regarding its implications for the industry’s economic landscape. Total sales from hemp businesses surpassed $10 billion in 2022, with over 104,000 workers employed in the sector. The potential fallout from SB 1698 could jeopardize these significant contributions to Florida’s economy, casting a shadow over the industry’s future prospects.

Advocating for Balance: A Call to Action

We the people hold the power to make change, it is our time to contact Governor Desantis to Veto SB 1698.

With SB 1698 passed by the Florida legislature, the next crucial step is for Governor DeSantis to sign the bill into law. Once signed, the regulations outlined in SB 1698 will come into effect, impacting the hemp industry and consumers alike. It is imperative for stakeholders to continue engaging with policymakers and advocating for sensible regulation that balances public safety with consumer access. By working together, we can ensure that Florida’s hemp regulations serve the interests of all Floridians while supporting the growth and sustainability of the hemp industry.

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BY Summitt Labs
on March 8, 2024
Summitt Labs is a Tampa, Florida-based collaboration of like-minded innovators for botanical research. Known for its top-grossing brands such as Kore Original, Hemplitude, and Happy Time High. Today, harnessing the passion for curating a unique solution for all communities.

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