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How to Know You’re Getting a Quality Delta 8 Product

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How to Know You’re Getting a Quality Delta 8 Product

Did you know delta 8 THC is easier to find than ever before?  In fact, an influx of companies have begun to launch their own unique lines of delta 8 products, including Hemplitude!  What this means is that people can choose from a wider array of delta-8 formulas than ever before to really zone in on their most specific preferences and needs.  But, this also means that it’s very important to be selective when it comes to the product that you buy.

The reality is that not all delta 8 is created equally.  While most companies prioritize the needs of customers, and go above and beyond to deliver top-quality products, there are other companies out there that engage in shady practices, who are clearly just trying to capitalize off of the popularity of this hemp derivative. 

Why Does Quality Always Come First?

Sometimes, it’s tempting to buy the most inexpensive delta 8 product that we can get our hands on.  Or, we want to just grab the first product we find rather than exploring the full variety of what’s available.  But, with delta 8 THC, you really don’t want to cut any corners.  Companies can get away with all kinds of shady practices when manufacturing delta 8 THC.  They can use cheap ingredients that simply aren’t good for your body, or they can use low-cost extraction methods that take away from the potency of the cannabinoid, leading to a disappointing experience.  Even worse, the market is not immune to fakes.

The good news is that there are some pretty simple ways to know that what you are getting is the real deal.

#1: Know Your Source

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The best source is a trusted online distributor instead of an in-person store.  Because the online hemp marketplace is so competitive, online companies need to work harder in order to stay in the game.  The result is higher quality standards across the board, as well as products that are fresher and therefore more potent due to higher product turnover rates.  Meanwhile, gas stations and convenience stores usually sell the cheapest delta 8 products possible, which means a great reduction in quality.

#2: Look Up Reviews

Always look up a company’s reviews before making a delta 8 purchase from them.  Here is your opportunity to hear what real delta-8 users have to say about the company’s products, as well as their business practices overall.  If you can, look at the reviews on their website and elsewhere on the internet, as some companies delete negative reviews left on their website.

Sadly, some companies use fake reviews, but they’re fairly easy to spot.  Look for suspiciously consistent tone, grammar, and punctuation between each review, since different reviewers should have different writing styles.  Also look for patterns including the use of the same descriptive words “i.e., ‘awesome’ or ‘fantastic’” that are used over and over again.

#3: Find a Company’s Contact Information

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You always want to know that the company that you’re buying from has contact information available.  A company that you cannot get in touch with is likely not a company that cares about its customers.  Plus, they can very well be selling low-quality or even fake delta 8.  At the very least, there should be an email address or contact form somewhere on their website.  Even better, they should have a phone number, and share information about where they operate.

#4: Look for Third-Party Lab Reports

Perhaps the best indicator of all is third-party lab reports.  This is a standard process throughout the hemp industry, in which companies send batches of their hemp extracts to an independent laboratory that has a license from the state to analyze hemp.  The laboratory looks at the breakdown of chemical compounds, and even checks for impurities and other wanted elements like microbes and contaminants.  Then, the laboratory returns the sample along with the lab report to the company.

Any legitimate company selling delta 8 products should have these lab reports easy to find on their website.  It’s the only way to acquire unbiased information about the overall quality of the delta-8 in question.  What this means is that if a company does not make their lab reports accessible, then that’s a company that you don’t want to be buying from, as they likely have something to hide.

#5: Read the Ingredients

Besides looking at the delta 8 itself in a product, look at the list of ingredients provided by the company.  You want each ingredient in a delta-8 product to be there for a reason, rather than acting as a filler.  Stick to products made with clean, safe and natural ingredients, avoiding chemical additives, artificial preservatives and, of course, ingredients to which you may be allergic.

#6: Check Out the Milligram Strength

Delta 8 products come in a wide variety of milligram strengths which should be indicated on the package.  This tells you how many milligrams you’re consuming per serving.  A product that contains a very low amount of delta-8 is just not going to give you the effects that you’re looking for.  As a good reference, edibles usually contain 10mg or more, while vapes should be made up of at least 90% delta 8 THC.

#7: Look for Organically Grown Hemp

Delta 8 Gummies – On Line Up

Most delta 8 brands are pretty transparent on their website, proudly sharing lots of information about how their products are made.  One key indicator of quality is the use of delta 8 THC derived from organically grown hemp material.  Organic hemp is simply superior to that which is grown conventionally.  It’s free of pesticides and other harsh environmental toxins, while potentially retaining higher compound value due to a lack of exposure to destabilizing chemicals. 

#8: Try to Find Out the Extraction Method Used

Look on a company’s website to find out how they extract their delta 8 THC.  The most commonly used method throughout the industry is that of isomerization and distillation.  Isomerization is the process of rearranging the molecules of the CBD compound to match the structure of delta 8.  Distillation exposes the hemp material to steam adjusted to various temperatures to evaporate all other compounds, leaving a purified form of delta-8 behind.

This method is the best way to ensure pure, chemically stable delta 8 THC, and while not all companies disclose their extraction methods on their website, their customer service staff should be able to answer that question for you.

#9: Make Sure the Product is Fresh

As delta-8 ages, its potency decreases.  That’s why you want to know that a product is fresh.  Look for an expiration date on a product, and if you cannot access it, contact the company and ask if they can provide information about when that batch of product was produced.  As a rule of thumb, gummies expire within about 6 months, and vapes expire within about 2 years.  Naturally, the fresher the product, the better the flavor and the stronger the potency of the delta 8 and other hemp compounds.

#10: Find Out What a Company Specializes in

Generally, the more a company focuses solely on delta 8, the better.  This means that they stake their entire business on the quality and effectiveness of their delta 8 THC.  Companies that don’t specialize in hemp at all, such as a nicotine vape company that happens to produce a couple of delta 8 cartridges, is less than ideal since they are less motivated to deliver the best delta8 possible, as their income doesn’t rely on this cannabinoid.

Our Delta 8 THC is True “Hemp with an Attitude”

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The bottom line is that if your delta 8 THC is not high in quality, you’re in for a disappointing experience.  It’s crucial to know that you’re buying only premium-grade delta 8, which is fortunately easy when you buy from Hemplitude.  We work with organic hemp plant material, use the best extraction methods and ingredients, and offer a variety of products that have potency levels certain to give you the delta-8 experience that you so crave.

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BY Summitt Labs
on October 18, 2022
Summitt Labs is a Tampa, Florida-based collaboration of like-minded innovators for botanical research. Known for its top-grossing brands such as Kore Original, Hemplitude, and Happy Time High. Today, harnessing the passion for curating a unique solution for all communities.

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