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Welcome to the Hemplitude Shop Experience! We designed this functionality to assist you in finding which product/blend is right for you. By answering the questions you will be brought closer to a hand-tailored blend just to your taste. First, we must decide which blend is right for the experience you are looking for. Currently, we offer the following: XXXL Blend, HHC Blend, Delta 8 Blend, and a CBD Blend. Each blend offers a unique variation of cannabinoids; these cannabinoids have unique effects both alone or combined. Our specialty is finding the secret code to these combinations to offer a product unlike any other.


A highly potent blend of THC-X, THC-P, and D8. Experienced users only!


Created to bring the best parts of Delta 8 without the foggyness.


The cannabinoid that started it all – using hemp’s unique effects.


For the casual user – no high with all the benefits of the entire hemp plant.