About This Product

Hemplitude premium flower is grown and cultivated for the CBD connoisseur. Every bud is hand trimmed and packed to perfection. The terpenes are fresh, the trichomes are glistening, and most importantly the cannabinoids are potent.  Creating a quality flower begins with the growing process. Our premium flower sets the highest standard for the industry and originates from the best farm in Oregon where we have direct oversight to ensure that the final product is nothing short of excellence.  Compared to other flower companies who machine trim their flower, Hemplitude premium flower is hand-trimmed to preserve its integrity, potency, and aroma.

Once the flower reaches our state-of-the-art labs, we have it third-party tested so that we can stand behind its CBD potency levels. After passing our rigorous testing process, our flower is housed in a specially designed polymer 7 gram jar accompanied with a terpene shield and nitrogen sealed with a CRC lid to preserve its farm freshness and to keep the precious terpenes and cannabinoids intact. Our full spectrum premium flower incorporates the entire hemp plant, with all 100+ cannabinoids, terpenes, and omegas giving you the complete entourage effect for a heightened well being.  

Suver Haze

Let Suver Haze engulf you with a cozy blanket of serenity. This famous strain is known for its calming properties and smell.

Sour Space Candy

Out of this world flavor profile to bring you an truly herbal experience from dense shining buds that are beautiful.


Rise up and get “lyfted” bred to perfection with a precisely calculated cannabinoid ratio. Crafted for by us, just for you. 

Special Sauce

 Nature’s very own special sauce complements any dish or occasion. Complex and deserving of even the finest flower lover. 


Tampa, FL