“From the Hive Straight to You”


Two of Mother Nature’s finest creations, hemp and honey have a synergy that create the “entourage effect”. This is what makes our product so effective, simply by combining the medicinal properties of the hemp plant, Including all of its cannabinoids, terpenes, and omegas, with wellness boosting honey.

About This Product

From the hive straight to you, because that is the quality you deserve. The hemp and honey have a synergy that is unmatched when it comes to improving your overall well being. Anti-oxidants are one of the few benefits the honey will offer you on top of the already unmatched full spectrum hemp, they are a match made in honey heaven. Our Honey Styx are 100% pure natural, organic honey paired with our Full Spectrum Hemp extract (.3% or less THC). This product is all around naturally beautiful and the tastiest treat to have when you least expect it. Our Honey Styx are packaged conveniently with your lifestyle in mind. Become heightened with Hempltiude, a new product for you a new you. Anywhere…Anytime.

About Hemplitude

Let’s face it there are a lot of hemp brands out there. But unfortunately with most, there’s little transparency, so you have no idea what you’re getting when it comes to actual potency and quality. We believe in the power of high quality hemp, so we’ve sourced superior U.S. grown Full Spectrum Hemp extract enriched with terpenes and created our proprietary blends to bring you Hemplitude, “Hemp with an Attitude.”

Made with hemp grown in Colorado and Oregon and handcrafted in our CGMP compliant lab (pharmaceutical grade) in Tampa, Florida, Hemplitude combines terpene enriched Full Spectrum hemp extract with bold flavors creating a heightened experience for all of your senses. After researching the different types of hemp extract available, we’ve decided to use Full Spectrum hemp, which incorporates the entire hemp plant, with all 100+ cannabinoids, terpenes, and omegas giving you the complete “entourage effect” for an enhanced well being. We have perfected our formulations by creating a hybrid between Full Spectrum hemp extract and terpenes resulting in harmonious medleys of full flavor with the natural aroma from the hemp plant. We’ve taken what nature has provided and conquered it.

To make sure we adhere to federal guidelines and follow practices set by the U.S. Hemp Authority™, we triple test all products to ensure maximum potency. Because of our strict quality control and rigorous scientific-backed testing, we are 100% confident that our products contain the listed amount of hemp extract, not to exceeding 0.3% THC content. So now that you know about the quality of Hemplitude products, here’s where we really start to have fun with our brand.
We’ve taste-tested tons of flavors to create the perfect recipes of adventurous flavors like chocolate raspberry hemp oils, blue raspberry gummies, and 100% organic honey styx to excite your tastebuds, creating the perfect entourage of Full Spectrum hemp and bold flavors.


Tampa, FL